About CM Color Printing

Thinking of printing any product? You need not look any further; you are at the right place! CM Color Printing Co. is one of the leading printing companies in China specialising in the provision of high quality printing services locally and internationally. We pride ourselves in having satisfied clients globally. Our thrust is on nurturing mutually beneficially relations with our clients. We give our clients value for their money. Our work is our signature. We are guided by the following core values: diligence, integrity, excellence, respect, and professionalism in all that we do.

CM Color Printing belongs to CM Color Printing Factory “ChiMei ” in China mainland, which was founded in 1996, and has over 20 years in operation. CM Color Printing provides total print solutions to the worldwide printing industry.

In the past two decades, relying on untiring pursuit of printing quality, excellence and client satisfaction, CM has become one of top ten printing enterprises of Shenzhen with annual output of over a hundred million Yuan.

CM Color Printing covers a factory area of 2,000 square meters. We currently have nearly 300 motivated staff members, including professional technicians and senior management of 50 people. The factory introduced dozens of the world's most advanced pre-press, printing, bindery equipment, and actively adopted modernization management. This makes us one of the reputable and outstanding printing companies in Shenzhen.

CM Color Printing has repeatedly been appraised as, "Observing contract and trustworthy enterprises.” It is also an appointed manufacturer for the publications of State Press and Publishing Administration.

Based in China- the first country in the world to produce paper and use printing technology, CM Color Printing takes advantage of the country’s low labour cost and raw material cost as the point of printing in high quality at reasonable price to regions around the world.

Now, CM Color Printing is internationally renowned for high quality printing of books, package boxes, and various commercial printing products.

Why we are able to provide high quality printing? Here are the reasons:

1) Over 20 years’ experience.

we have most professional machine operators, professional color audit master, graphic team, over 700 skilled workers. We’ve never met any problem during all kinds of printing, and failed to find the solution to it.

2) Most advanced equipment.

The facility has introduced Heideburg 8-Colors Offset press 2 units, Heideburg 5-Colors Offset press 3 units, 4-Colors Offset press 8 units, Kormori L440 4-Colors Offset press, Kormori L-540 5-Colors Offset press, Kormori S40SP 8-Colors Offset press.

3) Reasonable prices,

4) Large production capacity, fast delivery, professional English speaking customer service and techonology support.

5) Wide range of paper material printing, from 30grm paper to over 400 g cardboard papers.